Viv Ellis will be leading a  seminar for doctoral students at Teachers College in New York this evening – Zankel 304 from 7 – 8.30pm. Free refreshments!

Drawing on Teacher Education Exchange’s first pamphlet, Teacher Development 3.0: How we can transform the professional education of teachers, Viv will be situating the concept of Teacher Development 3.0 in the context of the ‘global education reform movement’ and in traditions of ‘policy-borrowing’ (without, apparently, policy learning) between conservatives across the north Atlantic.

In suggesting Teacher Development 3.0 as a way forward – and one that cuts through the increasingly turbulent political noise and the destructive and fragmenting instincts of self-styled ‘reformers’ – Viv will ask participants to consider how a doctoral-level education (and specifically one specialising in Teacher Education) relates to the ideals of the concept. If we wish to support a strong teaching profession and profession-led teacher development, what is the contribution of a PhD in teacher education?

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